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Let's get to the point


Your social media is an important part of your business. But, we've found that it often gets left as a last resort or a second thought.

Social media is something that needs to be taken seriously. However, many times businesses don't have the time, resources, or an idea where to start. We are here to help. We want to create peace of mind for you in the chaotic and fast changing digital world. 


Bizi Media Co. (pronounced busy) has been creating captivating custom content for businesses and leveraging the content on social media platforms (like Facebook and Instagram) since 2016. Bizi is built on the belief that social media marketing is essential to keeping in touch with customers and helping grow brands in an increasingly competitive digital landscape. 

If you're wondering about our name it's a play on the word "busy". We know business owners and managers are tasked with the day to day so we want to alleviate the stress of consistently updating social media channels with real and authentic content. 

The Story

Bizi started out as nothing more than a class project at Siena College. In the class students were tasked to come up with a start-up idea that they believed could be viable, and then seek to build a product or service around that idea. In doing customer discovery with more than 30 local business owners and 50 college students it was clear that there was a gap in the digital marketing world. 

The Capital Region is built upon incredible local business owners that truly put their heart and soul into their businesses. When interviewing these local business owners we asked "what has led to your success?" and "what is one of your main concerns for your business today?". When asking the secondary question many business owners spoke of how social media marketing was still new and confusing to them, but they knew it was important. After hearing this repeatedly from business owners ranging from Schenectady, to Latham, and Saratoga Springs it was clear that this was not an isolated concern. It was a real problem and it needed to be solved. These business owners talked about how hard work, and believing in a vision was essential to their success, but to remain competitive they knew they'd have to take a serious look at where customers were getting their information from, and thus Bizi was born.  

Bizi lives to help tell the story of a business through social media. We are here to answer your questions and concerns, and work with you in achieving your goals. We aim to become the "go-to" social media marketing firm for all businesses in the Capital Region.